Program Chamberlain Remotes 950ESTD and 953ESTD to a Garage Door Opener – How-To Video


This video demonstrates how to program Chamberlain remotes 950ESTD and 953ESTD controls to a garage door opener with a yellow learn button.

For use with Security+ 2.0® Garage Door Openers which have a yellow LEARN button and yellow antenna wire, and are manufactured after 2010. The code between the remote control and the receiver changes with each use, randomly accessing over a billion new codes. Refer to your product manual for the location of the LEARN button.

Program Chamberlain Remotes

Start with your garage door closed also make sure there’s a light bulb in your garage door opener, when It flashes that lets you know the programming was successful.

The 950ESTD and 953ESTD are only compatible with Liftmaster, Chamberlain, and Craftsman garage door openers that have yellow learn buttons.

The learn button is usually located on the back or side panel of the opener. Locate the side of the opener where the antenna wire hangs down, that’s where you’ll find the learn button. You may need to open the light lens.

If you have a yellow learn button the antenna wire will match the learn button color which can save you a trip up the ladder.

Some garage door openers come with a control button that can be used to program your Chamberlain remote control.

There are several styles:

  • Multifunction control panel
  • The motion-detecting control panel
  • The smart control panel with an LCD screen
  • Doorbell style single button control panel

Follow the steps that apply to your style of control panel or use your Chamberlain garage door opener to complete the programming.

If you have a door control panel with a learn button press and release the learn button two times. If you have a door control with an LCD screen press menu press the down arrow until the program is highlighted then press the side arrow to select press the down arrow until the remote is highlighted then press the side arrow to select. If you have a doorbell style door control press and hold the light button on the side while pressing and releasing the front button the light will blink once and then stay on solid.

Or press and release the learn button on the motor unit of the garage door opener one time the learn LED will turn on.

Pick a button to program press and hold the button on the remote until the lights on the garage door opener blink or the opener makes a clicking sound.

Test by pressing the programmed button, and the garage door will move. Follow these instructions to program the other Chamberlain remote buttons.

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