How To Lubricate A Loud Garage Door – (Video)


How To Lubricate A Loud Garage Door – By Ace Hardware

Is Your Garage Door Noisy When Opening and Closing?

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Hi, lu Man, Fordini Ace’s home expert. In this video, we’re going to teach you how to lubricate your overhead garage door properly. Let me show you how it’s done.

It would be best if you had a rag and some white lithium grease. Let’s get started. A lot of different things can cause noisy garage doors. Usually, you can solve the problem by just tightening it up, lubricating it, and doing a little cleaning along the way. These hinges that the door panels are connected to, whether in the middle of the door or where the rollers are, take the proper size ratchet with a socket on there and come over here and tighten those up.

Just make sure that everything is tight. By doing so, you’re going to ensure that there’s no rattling of those hinges going along. The next is to lubricate it. The mistake that a lot of people make is that they lubricate the track with lightweight oil. The problem there is that lightweight oil will attract dirt.

I don’t want you to lubricate that rail I want you to clean it. This is a demo door here, so there’s not going to be a lot of dirt and debris in there. You’ll take a rag, a damp rag with maybe a little degreaser or soap and water to get it nice and clean. When it comes to lubrication, these pins that the rollers are in right here, that go through the sleeve, these pins here in between the hinges there, use something like a lightweight lithium grease.

This is spray grease, but it’s lithium grease, which you just don’t have to put. You don’t have to put a lot, but just a little bit of a spray-in that joint. And then over here, where those pins go through the sleeve if you can put that tip in there and get a little bit in there as the door operates and goes up and down, squeaking. And the noise that it makes will probably be eliminated just by tightening, cleaning, and lubricating. And that’s it.

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