How To Install An Exterior Door In 10 Minutes! – Beginners Guide


How To Install An Exterior Door by The Excellent Laborer

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Getting Started

Leveling Opening

The first thing you need to do before installing your door is to check the opening bottom, and if the base is level, you’re good to go. Still, if It’s not level, you’ll need to get shims and shim it up appropriately before installing your door, and you’ll use an adhesive when installing your door.

The next thing you do is see how to plumb your opening because now is the time to address those issues before you have a door in the opening.

Measuring Opening

The next thing you need to do before buying your entry door is to measure the door opening width and height to ensure you get the right size entry door. Typically whatever the door slab is, add an inch on each side, and that’s your rough opening measurements.

Tools Needed

The tools needed to install your entry door are the following.

  • Level
  • Drill
  • #2 Drill Bit
  • Tube of Liquid Nails
  • Shims
  • Hammer
  • Galvanized Finish Nails

Using The Liquid Nails

Before you set your door in the opening, use liquid nails and put a nice thick bead across the bottom. Make sure the base is nice and clean because if It’s not, the liquid nails will not adhere appropriately. If you don’t have a concrete bottom, you need to take flashing tape and tape the bottom and over the edge. If you need to use shims, now is the time to do so.

Unpackaging The Door

For shipping purposes, every door has a plug in the opening for the doorknob, so be sure to remove that before setting the door in the opening because once you put in the opening, you need to be able to open the door.

Setting The Door

Now It’s time to grab the door and set it in the opening. Set the bottom in first, lift the door into place, and kick the bottom to make sure It’s all the way in. Now you’ll need to ensure the bottom of the door is the center of the opening.

Installing Door

Now it’s time to tack a nail on the outside to hold its center. To secure the door put a level on the hinge to make sure the door is plumb, then attach a finish nail to hold it into place.

Every door comes with a screw pack, and typically it’s going to include three to four screws with two foam corner weather stripping pads. Take one of the screws out and drive that screw into the upper hinge to start drawing it over some, where it needs adjusting.

Now the door is level take the remaining screws and put one in each hinge. Don’t over tighten just snug them up so you can adjust the door’s reveal. Now the screws are in double check the reveal didn’t shift too much.

Put shim(s) behind the hinge and then tighten those screws up. The fourth screw goes behind the weather stripping It helps secure this side of the jamb so when you’re opening and shutting your door It’s more stable.

Take an eighth-inch drill bit, pull back the weatherstripping, pre-drill a hole right between the two slots, and then put a little countersink on it. Now just drive that screw in snug.

Shut the door and see how the reveal looks now make your adjustments using shims and put a trim nail in each shim. Now go to the outside and then and tack the trim into place using your trim nails.

A good tool to use to cut the shims when you have a thick shim is to use an oscillating tool that runs right up against the edge of the shim and It’ll cut it right off.

Whenever you have a door on the outside of a house that does not have a cover over it, it gets a lot of exposure to the elements. Use flashing tape and put a strip above the door to keep the rain out and put Tyvek tape down the sides to make it more airtight and that’ll also help keep the water out too.

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