How to Program a Chamberlain KLIK5U Universal Remote Control

How to Program the Chamberlain KLIK5U Universal Remote Control.

This video demonstrates how to program the Chamberlain KLIK5U Universal Remote Control using the Learn button on your garage door opener or wall control panel.

Clicker Model Chamberlain KLIK5U, KLIK3U, KLIK3U-PK, and KLIK3U-BL Remote Control User’s Guide

The remote control can be programmed to activate up to two products, such as a garage door opener, gate operator, or commercial door operator. Each button on the remote control works independently of the other and must be programmed separately. The images throughout this manual are for reference only and your product may look different.

Read instructions thoroughly BEFORE beginning. If using the Universal Remote Control with residential door openers, the remote control must be used only with door openers manufactured after 1993 that utilize photoelectric sensors. The photoelectric sensors are always located on or near the bottom of the door track.

Garage doors that use dip switches do NOT meet this requirement and should be replaced with a newer model.

Safety Information

To prevent possible SERIOUS INJURY or DEATH from a moving gate or door:
• ALWAYS keep remote controls out of reach of children. NEVER permit children to operate, or play with remote control
• Activate gate or door ONLY when it can be seen clearly, is properly adjusted and there are no obstructions to door travel.
• ALWAYS keep the gate or door in sight until completely closed. NEVER permit anyone to cross the path of a moving gate or door.

Programing Chamberlain KLIK5U

Determine if the product you are programming the remote control to has a Program/LEARN button or DIP SWITCHES. The Program/LEARN button or DIP SWITCHES are located either on the product or in an external receiver on or near the product. The following instructions are for a garage door opener with a Program/LEARN button.

Start with the garage door closed and also make sure there’s a light blub in your garage door opener. When it flashes that lets you know the programming was successful.

The Chamberlain KLIK5U is compatible with Liftmaster, Chamberlain, and Craftsman Garage Door Openers that have yellow, purple, red/orange, and green learn buttons. It is also with most other openers manufactured starting January 1st, 1993.

The learn button is usually located on the back or the side panel of the opener. Locate the side of the opener where the antennae wire hangs down, that’s where you’ll find the learn button. If you have a yellow or purple learn button the antenna wire will match the learn button color which can save you a trip up the ladder.

Some of the openers come with a control panel that can be used to program your remote control.

  1. Remove the cover. Press and hold the program button until the LED turns on.
  2. Press and release the Program/LEARN button on your garage door opener.
  3. Select a button to program. Press and release the button the specified number of times according to the chart on the following page. Make sure the LED stops flashing between each press of the button. The garage door opener will respond by clicking, blinking, or activating.
  4. Press the program button on the remote control to save.
compatibility list chamberlain

Testing Universal Remote

Test the remote control by pressing the button. If the garage door opener does not activate, repeat the programming steps.

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