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Hi, everybody. Welcome back to my channel, Drew here from Lone Fox.

Today we are talking about how to make your house look expensive. But before we talk about that, I’m so excited because I just finished a makeover that I’ve been working on for about a week now. I asked you guys over on my Instagram what you thought the last space I was working on in my apartment was and it was my bathroom.

And you guys, it turned out incredible. I am so excited to share the video with you, but that’s going to be coming out on the channel next week.

Today, we focus on ten Inexpensive hacks tips and tricks to make your home look more expensive.

If you’re not already, make sure to subscribe to Lone Fox where I post brand new videos every single week, and I’m just excited to be sitting down chatting with you guys today. So grab a cup of coffee or a snack and let’s go ahead and Jump on into these tips.

I’m going to start off by talking about a sense, that all of us have. But I definitely think this attributes to the overall feeling of expensive space and that is your sense of smell, which kind of sounds strange. Like, what are you talking about, Drew? What do you mean by smell?

Well, when you walk into somebody’s apartment the first thing or their home, whatever it might be, the first thing you notice is, of course, the first viewpoint, So whether that’s the entryway, a staircase, a bedroom, whatever it is when you walk into a space. But another thing that you notice is the sense of smell. So I think a great way to overall captivate somebody or just yourself honestly when you walk into space Is to have a really nice smell going.

Whether it be a wall, plug-in a candle, or a diffuser, there are a ton of options to make sure that your home is always smelling nice. Some of you guys are like, wait, Drew, we want decorating tips but do not worry, I got you covered they’re coming up next. But this one is one I feel like a lot of people might not even think about It’s something you don’t even really think about when it comes to decorating a space, the sense of smell.

But it’s totally a factor that can benefit the overall vibe and if you have a nice smelling space, it’s just going to make your house feels nicer and just well thought out and more expensive.

Moving into some more viewable changes that we can make.

The first one is actually blank walls. Now, I know blank space is great when it comes to design, but I also think sometimes people leave all their walls blank and I think that’s something that can cheapen up the look of your home. Adding wall art and just anything to the walls, whether it be Peel and stick wallpaper, paint, wall art, or wall hanging, such as Macrame decor. Anything like that is a great way to, first of all, draw the eye up.

So when you walk into a room, it’s kind of at eye level. You see it on the wall. When there’s nothing on the walls, it can kind of make your room look short and shrunken everything’s on the floor. It’s really great to draw the eye upward with wall decor, wall art, paint, whatever it might be.

Having a lot of blank walls can overall cheapen the look of your home and I also want to preface that. If you have a lot of blank walls in your home and you like that, that is totally fine.

These are just little tiny tips and tricks and things that I’ve picked up when it comes to design I personally don’t really like having any blank walls, I love using up all of my space and maximizing it.

If you have a huge blank wall in your living room that you have no idea what to do with, it is a great opportunity to add a gallery wall, which is perfect to add some artwork and color, texture, and visual interest. You can go in with a little bit of paint. You could paint that wall for a more focal pop. Or you can also go in with some large-scale art pieces to fill in the wall.

These are all super affordable options, a can of paint doesn’t cost too much. Creating a Gallery wall doesn’t have to cost a lot. There are DIY alternatives, and I’ve shared a ton of different ways to do it on my channel in the past.

A little tip when it comes to styling is all about layering up o as you guys can see on my sofa right here, for example, I. Have a really great throw blanket. It’s like a chunky knit throw blanket and I have a couple of cute throw pillows on here as well and that’s a layered look on the couch, which overall makes it look more luxe, makes it look plusher and comfortable, And it also, again, just adds interest and texture.

We have some really great texture with the throw blanket, but we also have texture in terms of patterns so we have this kind of tonal pattern here, a gridded pattern here. and the same thing goes for beds as well.

When you walk into a high-end furniture store or you see a space that you really love, a lot of times the bed is made up of layers. So there’s like that sheet layer, there might be a quilt, there might be a duvet, there might even be a comforter. Multiple sets of sleeping pillows, multiple throw pillows, and a throw blanket.

But layering up, it doesn’t have to cost a lot, but it really does make an impact. A lot of times when I pull up info images that I love of a living room or a bedroom there are always layered textiles and it just makes the space look so much more expensive in the end and it’s definitely something to consider.

You don’t have to go crazy with the layers, but adding one or two Is a nice way to add some more dimension and texture to your space.

I’m sure by the end of this video I’m going to be saying dimension texture, visual interest, color pattern, and every other adjective to describe these things a thousand times. So I apologize right now for that.

Onto our fourth tip, which is a really impactful one and one that I’ve talked about multiple times on my channel before that is replacing old dingy, crusted dusted, and busted light fixtures.

So if your light fixture isn’t cute you guys go head out to Ikea, and shop online for an affordable light fixture to replace that one. And you guys, light fixtures are not hard to install totally something you can do at home by watching a YouTube video as well.

But it’s a great way to go ahead and just remove something that normally is always renter grade or just the most affordable option that the person that is selling you the home purchase and adds something a little bit more personalized.

You can even DIY a light. I have created like 15 or 20 different pendant light DIYs across my channel in the past but swapping out unattractive light fixtures or just unappealing light fixtures Is a great way to make your home look more expensive.

First of all, it doesn’t look renter grade, it doesn’t look basic and while you’re changing out your light fixtures, you might as well also ensure that you have the correct light bulb in them. I personally really like daylight bulbs or a soft warm light depending on the space.

Sometimes lighting can really lean super, super warm or super, super cold, and also totally changes the colors of a space.

If you have a white sofa, you could start looking blue with cool-toned lights or it could start looking Orange with more warm tone light. So you can really change the way a space looks and give accurate color depiction based on the lighting in the space as well. So keep those two things in mind.

Swap out crusted dusted lighting and swap out crusted and swap out busted dusted light bulbs. Yes, both of those.

This next one is kind of random, but I wanted to throw it in still just as a thought. Something to keep in mind. But basically, I remember when I used To have my old apartments or my old bedrooms throughout my apartments I’d always just have one night stand by my bed on the side I would sleep on because no one else was sleeping in the bed. It didn’t need anything for anyone else.

Still don’t need anything for anyone else but two nightstands I think really elevate a bedroom If you have space for two nightstands on either side.

Even if no one’s on the other side, it’s going to make such an impactful change to your bedroom. Just kind of visualize to yourself right now. If you walked into a bedroom that you love, you saw it on Pinterest, and there’s only one nightstand in that room you’d be like, Where’s the other one?

I feel like it just really completes the space, but I just like the way that it looks. I think it looks really nice. It balances it out. It kind of gives it symmetry, and. Just overall, it just makes it look really balanced in the end. So consider that. And I’m not telling you guys to go out and purchase matching furniture sets, because that’s a big no-no too. We don’t want matching furniture sets in 2021.

I’m sorry, there’s no more of those.

Next up, let’s add a breath of fresh air to your space that’s going to be done through plants or flowers. They can totally be artificial if you want to. I think real plants add a little bit more of a better vibe if you will, but I have a mixture of both throughout my apartment, I have faux plants and I have real plants.

This tree back here, that’s a faux olive tree, and I love it so much. I would never be able to keep an olive tree alive in here. But I do have a couple of real plants throughout my apartment and I also think plants are a great way to add color to a space without adding color to a space because a plant is neutral. I’m sorry for what you guys say, but plants truly are neutral. If you have a full-on neutral space as I have right now, there are lots of neutral tones in here.

Now, if you’re a DIYer like myself listen up to a couple of these next tips, which I’m sure a lot Of you guys already know, but this is something to keep in mind if you’re wanting to transform your space and just make it look a little bit more expensive.

Some of the first easy changes are brand new hardware. So if you want to swap out the hardware on a dresser, swap out the hardware on a vanity, a cabinet, even in your kitchen cabinets, wherever it is, swapping out hardware can make such a humongous impact at a really reasonable and expensive price point as well.

You can also add new legs to really anything as well. If you go on Amazon, you can search for a ton of different leg options. You get hairpin legs and acrylic legs. If you want to switch up the way your coffee table looks, that’s another vibe as well.

These are all do-it-yourself ideas that you can do to pieces you already have, so you don’t have to go break the bank buying something new. A couple of other ideas are the leather paint chair I just recently did. I shared with you guys how I took an old, kind of not-so-cute accent chair, and I made a concoction of leather paint that I painted on there. And in the end, it ended up looking like a vintage distressed leather accent chair, which I just love. I think that was such a cool technique.

I’ve also done ceramic paint in the past on my channel, where you mix baking soda with your acrylic paint, and you can paint it on whatever you want, and it just gives it an overall ceramic kind of porcelain look. Consider using a lot of your DIY skills to recreate or update or upcycle pieces you already have.

This next one is so reasonably priced but really gives you such a luxe, expensive result in the end. And that is any form of wall molding now on my channel. In the past, you guys have seen me do board and Batten in my bedroom. I did it in my roommate’s bathroom.

I might have even done it in my own bathroom, which is coming out shortly but there are tons of different ways to add wall molding to walls. You can do beadboard, you can do Wayne coating. You can do diagonal wall molding. You can do full-on vertical wall molding. You can do board and Batten. There is a ton of ideas, and you guys, wall molding doesn’t have to cost a lot at all. Go out and buy a couple of boards, literally nail them to your wall, cut them to size, paint over them, and you are good to go.

And I personally think that wall molding Is one of the most inexpensive things you can do that gives you one of the most expensive results in the end, because it really looks like the architect that built your home or the person that you bought your home from put so much work and effort into what they designed in the space, and it probably costs you a fortune in the end.

But in reality, you did it yourself for like, $100.

So I love wall molding. Definitely considerate it if you guys if you have a blank or boring space, like, imagine a wall without a baseboard, you guys, that would just be so bland and boring. So wall molding is kind of like stepping up from a baseboard. You’re just adding more baseboards on your wall to make it look even prettier. So I just love them.

I’ve done them multiple times, and they’re super easy coming from me. You guys, I swear, you can do it, too. It’s very, very simple.

We’ve got to talk about window treatments. Because of you guys, window treatments. This is the craziest before and after that, I’m going to be sharing with you. I’ve shared it in another video in the past, and I think in my actual bedroom, makeover as well.

But this is how impactful the curtains that I added to my bedroom changed the space. When I toured this apartment to go through and rent it, I was like, this is not very cute. There were sheer curtains that literally only fit the window with the tiniest thinnest little metal curtain right above it and I was just like, what are these? You couldn’t even see the beautiful windows behind because they’re actually really pretty trimmed-out windows that pull out.

I love them so much but these kind of sheer, ugly curtains were blocking them. So in my bedroom, for example, I mounted the curtain Rod almost all the way to the ceiling before. As you guys were able to see, it was just mounted right above the window, which is not what you want to do. Even if your window is in the middle of the wall. Mounting your curtains as high as you can when they’re closed makes it appear that the window is taller.

But when you have it opened, it also just makes the wall appear much higher as well and it’s not going to be awkward or anything like that. With all this extra fabric above your window, it just really adds a nice bit of texture to the space as well with that fabric.

And on top of that, they serve a really great purpose.

So I do think investing in your window treatments can sometimes not be super Inexpensive, but it is something in the end that you’re going to have for a long period of time. It’s functional. You need proper window treatments to sleep great at night, just to keep in mind. So I think if you were to splurge on something in this video, it would be proper curtains or proper blinds, whatever you want to add to your space. But I just wanted to share with you guys how impactful a small change like curtains can make to a space. And I thought I had one more.

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